Connect a 3DR PPM encoder to a CX-20 Reciver

  • Hello, here I explain you how it is, since you can not plug the cables so much into the FlightControler you need a PPM Encoder which must be switched between Reciver and Pixhawk, but this requires a small change in the pin assignment of the cable From the PPM to the Reciver, you proceed as follows:

    First remove the white cable from the power plug PPM> Reciver

    Now the gray that you should isolate, it is no longer needed.

    The white now comes into the freed socket from the plug of the gray one.

    Now you put the whole thing together as follows:

    This is actually already, but with me is now unfortunately however in the Mission Planner the pitch turned around, whether that is now a bug of the software or whether the now really wrong is around I can not test at the moment, in an emergency you have just the spark Unscrew and change it there.

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